Dental Implants

Fixed Teeth In One Day

All_on_4This is a breakthrough procedure which allows us to replace your failing teeth with new fixed teeth in just one day. This innovative technique (also known as All on 4), uses four specially placed dental implants to permanently fix teeth to the jaw.

First a special radiograph of the teeth and jaws is taken to assess the bone. Models of the teeth are then taken to study the bite and appearance. The colour, shape and position of the teeth can all be altered to improve the appearance. A bridge is made to replace the failing teeth. This is attached to the four implants.

On the day of treatment a sedative will be used to help you relax. The loose teeth are gently removed and the implants are placed. Your gums are numb, you will not feel any pain. After a few hours you will be able to go home for a light lunch and a rest. In the meantime your new teeth are being customized in the laboratory. Later in the afternoon, when you return, we will fit your new teeth. This is a quick and easy visit. You can then go home. You will be able to eat on the new teeth immediately.
After 10 weeks the implants will have fused to the bone and a new bespoke bridge can be made. This allows us to further enhance the smile and refine the bite.

Conventional Dental Implants

dental implantDental implants give you the confidence to achieve a more natural smile. Acting as an anchor for an artificial tooth, a dental implant consists of a small titanium post that is placed in just one or two visits.

Dental implants are basically sophisticated screws or posts made of a medically pure titanium. These screws/posts are placed in the jaw bone and rest under the gum for 3-6 months. During this time they actually fuse to the jawbone and become osseo (bone) integrated. After the appropriate healing time, we uncover the implants and use them to replace one or more missing teeth by making a dental prosthesis (e.g. crown, bridge or overdenture).

Titanium is used because it so compatible and can bond strongly to the living bone tissue. Techniques may range from replacing one missing tooth to replacing every tooth in the upper and lower jaws. Without interfering with your speech ability, eating and general comfort, dental implants will offer you the security to achieve that perfect smile.

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“I don’t need to think about my teeth any longer they just feel like my own.”

Linda Robson, Wylam


“Since the treatment, I’ve a lot more confidence in my appearance and can’t stop smiling thanks to Rob and his team!”

Rachel Heslop, Jarrow


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